How it works

Easy, flexible finance using your receivables as security.

Tradeplus24 credit

It’s simple. Use your debtors to obtain flexible financing.



Improve liquidity

Some businesses can take 30-180 days to pay invoices, meaning valuable capital is tied up unnecessarily. We can deliver flexible funding on outstanding debt that can be used now.

Piggy bank representing the improved liquidity that you will achieve with our services

Do you trade Overseas?

No problem, we can provide funding against both domestic and international debtors.

Numeric master lock representing the security of your cooperation with Tradeplus24

Debtors as security

All we need is an assignment on your receivables and you receive a credit line that you can use where it is needed most.

A blue folder held by a hand
A blue folder held by a hand

Your customers don’t notice anything

There’s no need for them to! As all we need is access to your receivables book, not theirs.