Finance your business with your own accounts receivables

Leverage your debtor portfolio as security for a revolving credit line.

Receivables backed line of credit

Issuing B2B invoices on a regular basis can involve dealing with long payment periods. For some businesses, payment periods can extend up to 180 days, meaning valuable capital is tied up unnecessarily. We offer flexible funding from CHF 250'000 to CHF 5'000'000, using your debtor portfolio as security.

Debtor backed line of credit
Dynamic credit limit

Flexible credit facility

The available drawdown limit fluctuates according to the amount of eligible receivables, and the limits we set for each debtor. An increased limit means a higher available amount to withdraw. Vice versa, a decrease in eligible receivables can result in a lower limit. In that case, the amount by which the limit has been exceeded must be covered by a personal payment. We advance up to 80% of your total approved credit amount.

Hassle free administration

We set up your credit facility by means of a silent assignment, without notifying your buyers. It will be automatically renewed after a standard yearly revision. In order to continue funding against your accounts receivables, we need a weekly update on your accounts receivables. This can either be done via an automated link with your accounting software.

Hassle free administration

Your benefits

Seamless, hassle free process

Automated processes without unnecessary administrative hassle

Reliable and discrete

You don’t have to notify your buyers, and neither do we

International invoices financed

Make use of your international buyers to finance your growth

Competitive pricing

Our pricing model is clear and competitive with no hidden fees

Frequently asked questions

We offer credit line facilities from CHF 100’000 to CHF 3’000’000, using your debtor portfolio as security. The available drawdown limit is directly linked to the amount of eligible receivables, and the limits we set for each debtor.


Business X has a debtor portfolio with a total value of CHF 3’000’000. The business has outstanding debt which is being paid back. Based on that, TradePlus24 established a credit limit of CHF 2’000’000. With a maximum advance rate of 75%, business X is able to receive up to CHF 1’500’000 of funding (2’000’000 CHF / 100 x 75 = CHF 1’500’000). Within that space, the business is free to draw down funds at any given time.

We work with annual interest rates between 4% and 7%.

Apart from interest rates, there are two different fees that you need to take into account:

  1. A one off variable upfront fee over the approved credit amount. We will deduct the fee from your first withdrawal.
  2. A facility fee that allows us to retain the funds for you throughout the year. The facility fee amounts to 1% annually over the approved credit amount.

We use your accounts receivables as security, and do not require any additional collateral. We do not require you to have loss protection insurance either.

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